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As a UKCP recognised supervisor, I offer professional supervision to individuals and groups; to both qualified and trainee counsellors and psychotherapists, pastoral support, youth and key workers in schools and charities who support vulnerable sections of the community.

Compassion and self-compassion is an important part of my work so I will invite you to hold yourself and your clients in a heart-centred way. This will help you feel safer to reflect upon your struggles with your practice and with particular clients.

It can feel extremely isolating to be struggling with a client who is attacking their counsellor, psychotherapist or other helping professional. The supervisor's role is not just to reassure the worker, but to allow the emotional disturbance to be felt within the safer setting of the supervisory relationship, where it can be survived, reflected upon and learned from. (Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet, Supervision In The Helping Professions)

I also encourage you to celebrate your successes!

Supervision . Supervision


What you may experience in any supervision session, to a large extent is dependent upon your needs. So after an initial checking-in process (which can take as long as you need it to), you may want support in reviewing your case load and in reflecting upon the relationship with your clients. I will work reflectively with you to enable you to find clarity and greater understanding of your clients and to facilitate you in seeking a constructive and authentic way to work with an individual.

You may also want to talk through other professional matters, such as issues around the organisation(s) with which you work; setting up or expanding a private practice; or your professional training and development.

Sometimes it may feel difficult to focus on your clients if there is a lot around for you, emotionally or in life. In these cases, I offer restorative supervision in which you may need to take some space for yourself.

As appropriate, I bring the Transpersonal into the work by offering a more creative means of better understanding your client and your relationship to them. This might include using visualisations, drawing, sand-tray, role-play and working with dreams.

My training has been in Existential and Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling. However, my Diploma training in Supervision permits me to work across orientations. I have trained in the Seven-eyed Supervision Model which means that, depending upon your needs, we may focus on:

Mode 1: the content of the client session
Mode 2: strategies and interventions you've used
Mode 3: the therapeutic relationship
Mode 4: your process with this client
Mode 5: the supervisory/our relationship
Mode 6: the supervisor's own process (usually this is for my own reflection and supervision)
Mode 6a: the supervisor-client relationship
Mode 7: the wider context and integrating the modes

Please note: Where I use the term client please read this to refer to counselling/psychotherapy clients and also students and service users.


Currently, I am able to offer supervision by Zoom, FaceTime or phone. I will be offering in-person supervision in mid-Wales (near Builth Wells) from the summer 2022.

I have a Diploma in Supervision, from the CCPE, December 2001. For more information on my training, qualifications and experience, please go to the Qualifications and Experience page.

For private supervisees: £65-£70 (Trainees: £60)
For organisations: £80

My fee structure is by negotiation.

If you are interested in talking about supervision or meeting me for an initial consultation, please call me on 07899 891992 or email me at or click on the link on the right of this screen,

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