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Known as the Harmonising Alignment Process, this emotional well-being programme is a ground-breaking emotional wel-lbeing process which sits between the models of coaching and counselling. It is a self-development process. The 10 step process strengthens and prepares you to make the essential life changes you need to live in harmony with your true potential and your natural flow of energy and vitality.

Deep down, you may know what is needed to make the changes you long for. However, self-sabotaging thinking patterns and limiting habits may have depleted your confidence, resilience and energy, blocking you from experiencing joy and contentment and from engaging in life more fully and thriving.

Harmonising is a gentle step by step process, whereby aspects of your life are systematically reviewed and re-aligned to strengthen your foundation of confidence, courage and resilience. By re-aligning your life choices with your core values, positive thinking patterns and optimal behaviours you will power up your whole system (emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually) to realise your full potential.

This enlightening, step by step, self-awareness and life re-connection process guides you to create lifelong habits of self-compassion, self-responsibility and self-trust. It helps you to expand your creative thinking, develops your intuitive connection and opens up previously unimaginable possibilities for change in your life.

Harmonising does not require you to have an end goal or vision for your life (as in classical life coaching). Instead it systematically builds up your confidence, courage, creativity and resilience; igniting NEW goals, dreams and visions for your future.

Harmonising awakens your true selves, enhances your relationships, increases your energy and opens you up to a fresh, new, balanced and sustainable way of living.

If you want to find out more please email me at [email protected] or call me on 07899 891 992 or click the link at the side of this page


The issues that motivate someone to seek a change through some form of self-development process are often similar to the reasons why a person feels encouraged to commit to the counselling process. You may be experiencing a low mood, feeling stressed or anxious, or struggling in your relationships. Or you may have hit a life stage transition or want to change your career direction or retrain, or you may be in spiritual crisis.

Some of the skills used in the Harmonising process are also similar to those used in counselling. Both approaches require the ability to listen and really hear at a deep level and to offer insight and guidance. However, the Harmonising process is more structured and goal orientated and will often involve "homework" which is agreed at each session for completion before the next meeting.

Whilst counselling and psychotherapy is usually weekly in order to maintain the continuity necessary to work effectively with unconscious processes and may be open-ended depending upon your needs, Harmonising sessions can be less frequent and it is a structured 10 session course.


The course costs £690 for 10 sessions of one hour and 15 minutes duration. £345 is payable at the first session and the remaining £345 at session 3. Instalments can be negotiated.


"I found the whole process a huge mix of emotions but had the support to deal with each one and I understand more about myself... and I have achieved results in ways which have improved my life. Delia was kind, gentle, understanding and gave constructive support." Lynn

"Delia had a sympathetic approach, was understanding and offered her knowledge and guidance to signpost and steer me, which was very helpful. I have increased in self awareness and can relax more readily and am able to spot people who are safe to be with and those who are toxic and I am aware of how I harm myself and can now change this." Wendy

"It has highlighted my anxieties - the ones that hold me back. It has made me realise that I am good enough and that I have worked very hard in many areas of my life. I think a lot of people would benefit from taking this time to study themselves and their life. Delia is always calm, warm and interested. If she needs to challenge, she does so appropriately and sensitively." Susy

"I am much more able to see who I really am. I like and respect myself better. I am also better able to see my way forward." Hugo

(The programme has) "enabled me to focus on what is important in terms of being true to myself. This is the essential starting point... It was a tough process of identifying how crucial self care is in order to move forward." Lisa

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