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Retreats. Golden Buddha


We will be gathering for a day of meditation, spending time in silence together with poetry, inspirational readings, reflective time in nature and finishing with sharing our experiences.

If you restore balance in your own self, you will be contributing immensely to the healing of the world.
Deepak Chopra

The day will consist of poetry and readings, guided mindfulness meditations, self-led reflections on a given theme and time in nature to meditate, sit, gaze and wonder ....

The theme of Uncovering the Gold is suggested by Tara Brach's new book Trusting the Gold, so the day will be designed around finding our own "hidden treasure" within and exploring ways of bringing our gifts into conscious awareness and looking at how to express these in our lives more fully.

Retreats. releasingbirds


Forgiving means not pushing anyone, or any part of our own being, out of our heart.
Tara Brach

This one-day retreat will be focusing on opening our hearts to invite forgiveness, of ourselves and forgiveness of others.

Our inability or unwillingness to forgive closes the heart, so we will be gently and safely opening our hearts for healing and allowing the experience of freedom that arises when we are able to forgive.

As we bring a full, compassionate presence to the wounds that we’ve been protecting, we release the armouring of hatred and blame that has been imprisoning our heart. Tara Brach

The day will include guided meditations, self-reflection, poetry and inspirational quotes. Weather-permitting, we will try to make use of the gardens for one of our practices.

Retreats. Welsh hills


I will be offering Rest & Renewal retreats incorporating nature and creativity based in mid-Wales. These retreats are available for individuals and small groups.

It's hoped that I will be offering these from the Autumn of 2022. More information regarding content, dates and fees will follow.

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