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When we use the word "trauma" we tend to think of catastrophic events like a plane crash, soldiers in combat or people living in a war zone. However, trauma can arise from any event or ongoing life experience that causes our mind and bodies to freeze due to the degree of emotional and physical threat that is experienced. Symptoms of trauma may include:

* feeling overwhelmed
* over-reacting
* feeling isolated, angry, anxious, depressed
* self-medicating or trying to manage life pressures with drugs, alcohol or food
* dissociating, ie, cutting off from your immediate experience often described as feeling that you are observing what is happening rather than participating in it.

Developmental Trauma or Relational Trauma is the term given to a form of trauma that has arisen as a result of an ongoing threatening experience, often occurring when the person was young. Usually the individual does not recognise that they are suffering from trauma symptoms because they may not remember the events from the past or, if they do, may feel these experiences do not have any impact on them now. However, sufferers of this type of trauma often experience similar symptoms to people who have been through what is called a "single incident trauma" (like a car crash or an attack).

Trauma therapy attempts to interrupt the 'frozen' response so that your mind and body ultimately stop responding as if the past threat is still present.


My fees for working with trauma is the same as for individual counselling and psychotherapy:

I have a scale of £55 - £65 per 50 minute session and I ask people to pay what they feel they can afford on this scale. We can discuss this on the phone in an initial contact or at the first meeting.

If you are interested in speaking to me about this or seeing me for an initial consultation, please phone me on 07899 891992 or email me at [email protected] or click on the link on the right of this screen.

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